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1. Important Note:
  1. Search twice for singular and plural: 1. Yoga mat AND 2. yoga mats.

  2. Keep company names short. Correct="Walmart", False="Walmart Inc".

  3. Best sourcing practices: Listthe Blog

2. Run a perfect search by separating your product and your favorite brand by a ",".

Listthe example search 1

3. Let's say you search for German yoga mat manufacturers:

• Pick "Germany" from the countries list and only enter "yoga mat".

Listthe example search 2

4. If you are going to a specific city in for example Vietnam, and you want to see if this city has shoe factories:

• Pick "Vietnam" from the countries list and enter the city and product separated by a decimal point: "hanoi, shoe".

Listthe example search 3

manufacturers of


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