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Article: How to write a production inquiry

How to write a production inquiry to a factory ?

Based on your first email, factories decide if they will work with you or not. Be concise and professional. Only write comprehensive and short emails.

1 Greet with name
2 Introduce yourself. State your role at your company.
3 Introduce your company (products, sales areas, quantities)
4 Say why you contact their factory
5 Present proof of having a business (website, catalogs...)
6 Summarize actual products and quantities you need made now
7 Summarize all products and quantities you are generally interested in
8 State your sales predictions for the current year
9 Ask for reference photos of products similar to yours
10 Ask for a price offer for the products you need made now
11 Ask for their phone number
12 Sign with your company name, address, country, phone number

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Chinese Factory Front

To write a complete production inquiry, you will need to collect information from multiple departments of your company.

Detailed inquiry for a safer production order.
Production Inquiry

After having sent your designs and received the factory's price offer, you should now solve the following questions. Be aware - you might want to divide up the long list of questions. If you decide to go through some of the questions by phone, make sure to email the factory a summary of your questions and their responses.



1 What are your warranty regulations?
2 If the machine arrives broken, does not work correctly or has manufacturing mistakes, do you hire a local engineer to repair the machine or do you need it sent back to your factory?
3 If the machine has to be sent to China and back to Germany to fix manufacturing mistakes. Do you cover both shipments?
4 How long do you need to pick up, repair, and send back machines with production mistakes?
5 Do you offer any compensation for the time, where the machine could not be used by the client?



1 I will send a shrinking oven to you and some shrink bags to your factory, so you can forward everything together to the harbour. Is that okay?
2 How do you pack the machine before the shipping?
3 We will need to send the machines and some other productions from other factories to the harbour all at one time. If the other factory has a production delay, can you stock the machine until our other productions are ready for shipping? How long can you hold the machine after finishing the production?
4 If you have production delays of more than two weeks. What penalty discount do you offer?
5 If the production can not be completed within twice the production time, do you send back the complete payment received by the client?



1 Have you ever manufactured machines, that later have been approved by TUV?
2 Has the skateboard transfer press been tested and approved by any comparable institution?
3 Have you manufactured machines according to CE before?
4 What quality controls do you have in place, that we can use to proof, that the machine is safe to use?
5 How long is the production lead time.



1 Do you have an export license?
2 Please send us a scan of your business registration and a scan of the ID card of the business owner stated on the registration. (The bank account we wire-transfer to must be owned by the registered business)



1. Prepayment in % before production start.
2. Final payment % after production and before shipment.
3. Are any delivery services included in the price offer? Please state the incoterm.


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