Article: Listthe’s source of information

Listthe’s source of information

Listthe is the most trustworthy source of factory-information on the internet.

Let that sink in first.

Factories and brands can not alter their data on Listthe, upload information or write their own profiles. Listthe is based on container data. Whenever a factory ships goods to a company, the goods are loaded into a container and a paper has to be filled in. This document states the exporting factory, the receiving company and what products are being sent.

Listthe collects these trade records, lists them and uploads them to the server you are just accessing. The data analysis page you are using on, crawls through all gathered records and creates summaries based on the product, factory or brand you are searching for.

The same records we collect are also being used by the importing company to declare their goods. Submitting false declarations is illegal, therefor shipping companies double check if the information filled in by the factories and recipients is correct. Once the shipment arrives, the customs and border protection officers check the containers again to see if the submitted records match the content of the arriving containers.

It is illegal and risky for factories or buying-companies to submit false information. Shipping companies, customs offices and US border patrol make sure, that Listthe stays the most trustworthy source of factory information on the internet.